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New Foundation Website Receives Two Awards

Posted: March 01, 2012

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Judy Jamison
Gulf & South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation, Inc.


TAMPA, FLORIDA – February 28, 2012 - Last July, the Foundation contracted Moore Consulting Group, based in Tallahassee, FL, to update and re-launch the Foundation’s website.  The updated website features research news, industry developments, recipes and retail locations, as well as information on seafood handling and safety. Member spotlights and project highlights showcase the value of Gulf and South Atlantic seafood to the region's economy, quality of life, and consumers.  Everyone involved is very proud of the work put into creating the finished product.  That hard work paid off last week when Moore Consulting Group was awarded two ADDY® Awards for their work on the Foundation website.
The GSAFF website won two awards 1) Gold ADDY in the interactive media category and 2) Best in “Interactive”.  The American Advertising Federation of Tallahassee (AAFT) hosts the ADDY® Awards. The annual competition recognizes creative excellence in Tallahassee and the Leon County area in all media including print, broadcast, interactive, out-of-home and public service advertising.
“Moore has been an awesome, wonderful team of professionals.  We appreciate all their hard work in making our webpage an excellent, user friendly representation of the seafood community,” said Foundation Seafood Marketing Coordinator Joanne McNeely.  “Please visit the award winning site,  We update it regularly and hope it proves to be a useful resource for the southeastern seafood community,” said Foundation Executive Director Judy Jamison.

About Gulf & South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation, Inc.
The Foundation is a private, regional nonprofit research organization with a general membership and Board of Trustees representing a wide spectrum of the commercial fishing industry throughout the southeast U.S.   Through the Foundation, the commercial seafood and fishing industry can collectively identify industry needs, and address those needs through appropriate research and other activities.  Representing the nine-state region from Virginia to Texas, the Foundation has sponsored more than 600 fisheries related research projects.