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2011 Distinguished Service Award

Posted: August 09, 2011


Judy Jamison
Executive Director, Gulf & South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation, Inc.
(813) 286-8390


Tampa, Florida - The Gulf and South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation, Inc. announces the presentation of the Distinguished Service Award to Mr. Larry Simpson.  This award recognizes the recipient’s many years of outstanding service to the seafood community.  Mr. Simpson was presented this award at the Foundation’s Annual Board of Trustees Meeting dinner in New Orleans, LA.  Past recipients include Ms. Joanne McNeely, Mr. Ewell Smith, Mr. Corky Perret, Mr. Wayne Swingle, Mr. David Harrington and Mr. Gary Graham.  Mr. Mike Voisin, Foundation President noted, "Larry has been a constant compass working with the seafood community and the Gulf States to foster communications and discussion relating to moving the fisheries communities forward in the Gulf. "    

Larry B. Simpson, received his Masters Degree from the University of South Alabama and his B.S. Degree from the University of Southern Mississippi.  Since 1983 Mr. Simpson has served as the Executive Director of the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission (GSMFC).  As the chief executive officer, Mr. Simpson is responsible for managing all affairs and programs for the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission.  He represents the Commission and member states' policies and activities to facilitate the overall mission of the organization.  In this capacity, Mr. Simpson interacts with State and Federal agencies, universities, and the public.  He is the longest standing member of the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council, having served that body since 1978.  He is involved in the development of all GSMFC's analysis papers, fishery management plans and other documents in support of the Commission's resolutions and established positions on fishery issues.  He is responsible for presenting these statements of position to appropriate State and Federal legislative and administrative agencies.

“The Foundation looks forward to continuing the cooperative relationship with Mr. Simpson and the Commission in the promotion and support of the seafood industry in the Southeast at this critical time,” said Judy Jamison, Foundation Executive Director. 

The Foundation is a private, regional nonprofit research organization with a general membership and Board of Trustees representing a wide spectrum of the commercial fishing industry throughout the southeast U.S.   Through the Foundation, the commercial seafood and fishing industry can collectively identify industry needs, and address those needs through appropriate research and other activities.  Representing the nine-state region from Virginia to Texas, the Foundation has sponsored more than 600 fisheries related research projects.  For more information visit our website at