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Resourceful Links

Industry Organizations:  Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation, Inc.  Florida Keys Commercial Fisherman’s Association  Georgia Shrimp Association  Gulf Oyster Industry Council  Gulf Seafood Marketing Coalition  Louisiana Shrimp Association  South Carolina Seafood Alliance  Southeastern Fisheries Association  Southern Offshore Fishing Association  Southern Shrimp Alliance  Virginia Seafood Council

Trustee/Member Businesses:  Motivatit Seafoods, LLC  Virginia Institute of Marine Science  Wanchese Fish Company

State Websites:  Alabama Dept of Conservation and Natural Resources - Marine Resources Division Florida Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture Marketing  Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission  Georgia Department of Natural Resources  Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries  Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board  Mississippi Department of Marine Resources  North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries  South Carolina Dept of Natural Resources  Texas Parks and Wildlife Department  Virginia Marine Products Board  Virginia Marine Resources Commission

Council/Commission Websites:  Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission  Caribbean Fishery Management Council  Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council  Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission  International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT)  Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Management Council  New England Fishery Management Council  North Pacific Fishery Management Council  Pacific Fishery Management Council  Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission  South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council  Western Pacific Fishery Management Council

National/Southeast Regional Websites:  Environmental Protection Agency  Food and Drug Administration Fish and Wildlife Service  National Sea Grant  NOAA Fisheries Home Page  NOAA Fisheries Southeast Regional Office (St. Petersburg, Florida)  NOAA Fisheries Southeast Fisheries Science Center  NOAA Home page Southeast Data, Assessment and Review  US Coast Guard  Virginia Sea Grant

Other: vulnificus education  NOAA Fisheries Commercial Fishery Statistics  NOAA FishWatch  Ocean Trust  Seafood Health Facts  Audobon Nature Institute