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The Gulf & South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation, Inc. is overseeing a grant from the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission to carry out marketing and outreach components of the Commission’s Oil Disaster Recovery Program, which was established in the wake of the April 20, 2010, Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

With funds provided by the Commission (NOAA Award #NA10NMF4770481), the Gulf & South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation, Inc. and the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission are working to build a marketing, public relations and outreach campaign to help consumers feel confident while enjoying Gulf Seafood.

With a combined income of $26.9 billion and an influence on sales of over $60 billion nationwide,the Gulf Seafood community has a profound effect on the nation’s economy. The Gulf Seafood Marketing Coalition (Coalition) representing all components of the seafood distribution chain, along with the tourism and charter boat sectors, has been established to coordinate the efforts of the Gulf states in providing a cohesive vision and overarching strategies to showcase Gulf of Mexico seafood.  These strategies will focus on expanding global market share for wild seafood from the Gulf of Mexico.

Coalition Objectives:

  1. Develop overarching goals and objectives for Gulf Seafood outreach, education and market recovery and enhancement to achieve synergy among all affected industries and improve confidence in Gulf Seafood products.
  2. Develop strategic marketing assistance to create positive opinions that translate into increased consumer confidence in Gulf Seafood.
  3. Secure new market opportunities for Gulf Seafood and promotional events.
  4. Provide cohesive vision for the five-state agency Seafood marketing organizations, in addition to Chambers of Commerce, charter boat industry, tourism boards and regional organizations.
  5. Develop projects that focus on increasing the value of Gulf Seafood and improving public perceptions.
  6. Develop programs and social and digital media to improve market access to, and brand awareness of, the vast array of Gulf Seafood.

Additional Coalition Information: